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Okamoto Lab is a personal web site of OKAMOTO Tomohiro who does something nonsense as a programmer, designer and auther based in Okayama, Japan.


What I made

Big 1 yen coin


This is the 300 times larger scaled 1 yen coin model that made from an aluminum ingot with a CNC milling machine. I won Daily portal Z rookie award honorable mention in an article on that process.


Nostrils shaped sauce dish


This is a porcelain souce dish that looks like a nose. if you put ketchup, it looks like a nosebleed.
It became a Zakka(variety goods) award finalist. And it has sold in Village Vanguard(a nation wide variety store).


Cockroach shaped coffee gummy


A roach shaped gummy made by coffee and gelatin.
I wrote its process on a BBS. It buzzed with SNS. I won a DIY culutual exhibition Humor Prix by ORIGINAL MIND Inc.


Display the accurate full scale and actual size on each monitors (


This is a web service that displays the accurate full scale and actual size on each monitors.
I programmed with PHP and Javascript. I won “Mashup Awards 10 solution engine aword” by Yahoo Japan.


LINE Sticker”Good Job Penguin”


A stacker of an original charactor “Good job penguin”.
I drew a four-frame cartoon of it. I won a jury’s special award by Utsunomiya cable television.


Chocolate bag closure


This is “a bag closure” made of chocolate. This nonsensical chocolate got a good amount of shares and it was broadcast on national television.




I’m an engineer originally from Okayama, Japan. I used to live in Tokyo, and I returned.
I like Do-it-yourself and travelling.




Daily portal Z rookie award honorable mention by nifty (as an auther).

Zakka Award finalist by Village vanguard (as a designer).

Mashup Awards 10 solution engine aword by Yahoo Japan (as a programmer)


Comic Hoshi-no-suna four-frame cartoon award jury’s special award by Utsunomiya cable television (as an illustrator)

Zakka Award 2nd finalist by Village Vanguard (as a designer)


ORIGINAL MIND Inc. DIY Award Humor Prix (as a designer)

Japan Humor Article Award Honorable mention (as a auther)


Zakka(variety goods) award 3rd. passed first review.

ORIGINAL MIND Inc. DIY Award KitMill Prix.

Daily portal Z rookie award 2nd. honorable mention

Hyenas Club research contest Akasofa prix


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